America’s Decline Since the WTO


On January 1, 1995, the U.S. government joined the World Trade Organization. Unfortunately for our nation’s workforce, the WTO is run by multinationalists. It is a self-serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. Our constitution states that all treaties made under the authority of the United States become supreme law of the land. When our government signed this treaty, it effectively sold away a piece of our sovereignty. Because we have made this mistake, the bylaws of the WTO now supersede and negate those of our very Constitution.

Our laws, regulations and administrative procedures must now conform to the WTO treaty – making it the highest law and the highest court ruling over the United States, with no input from the American people. This most often ends up in an unjustifiably negative result for our country.

One of the biggest damaging contributors to come about as a direct result of the WTO was the entrance of China in 2001. According to the Economic Policy Institute, trade with China since then has resulted in the loss of over 3.1 million American jobs. Those fortunate enough to retain their jobs witnessed their annual earnings decrease by roughly $1,400. American workers are put in direct competition with one another as more and more employers look to offshore production to nations with lower wage rates.

Jobs losses have affected both white and blue-collar sectors of the economy. Over that time we have lost:

  • Over 600,000 (627,700) jobs in computer and electronic products,
  • Roughly 150,000 (150,200) in apparel and accessories,
  • More than 130,000 (136,900) in miscellaneous manufactured goods,
  • Over 150,000 (153,300) in administrative support services,
  • And nearly 140,000 (139,000) in professional, scientific and technical services.

In all, those displaced workers lost an average of $8,146 annually – a total of $19.4 billion – as they moved into lower paying jobs. These job losses can be directly attributed to China’s rapidly growing trade surplus with us.

The WTO claims its goal is to provide a hub for industrialized nations to find markets for their producers to sell among the poorer nations of the world. Unfortunately, poorer nations don’t really have or make anything that consumers in rich nations wish to buy. The trade policies of the WTO are touted by proponents as free and fair—yet free-trade agreements have directly led to a trade deficit in America of over $5 trillion. This represents the largest unilateral transfer of wealth in the history of humanity. There is nothing free or fair about that.

Our current trade policies will not be able to sustain our country. We are in the midst of an economic recession the likes of which we have never seen. It was not caused by the natural economic cycle, but rather by policies that hinder actual economic growth.

We must remove incentives for American companies to move offshore. We need to negotiate trade with countries on our own, with zero international control from organizations like the WTO.

Our current method of creating trade agreements with countries forcibly grants them a trading and competitive advantage. We must remove ourselves from the WTO, as it enforces trade laws and rulings that inhibit our economic growth and freedom. The greater interest of American industry and sovereignty demands that this separation take place—and the WTO’s own charter states that the United States is within its rights to do so.

As long as free trade of this nature exists, fair trade will not. The international power we have introduced into our trade decisions has created biases that we simply cannot overcome. Our industries are at the whim of the powerful lobbyists who fight only for certain sectors of our economy. Controlled by these internationalists and their personal agendas, the WTO has come to mean nothing good for America.

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