1. Get out of the World Trade Organization (WTO) – The first thing America must do as a nation is withdraw from all organizations that would not allow the United States to put its own best interest first. The World Trade Organization needs to be the first on the chopping block. America cannot allow this supra-governmental body any opportunity to act as a judiciary body against us. (Learn More)

2.Cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the KORUS FTA (Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement) and all other so-called “free” trade agreements – These lopsided “free” trade deals put American workers in direct competition with workers in other countries who earn much lower wages. To produce here in America, manufacturers would need to pay their workers $16-20 per hour. That same product can be produced right across the border in Mexico, at wage rates of just $4 per hour, and then shipped back to the U.S. duty- and restriction-free. The United States has literally incentivized the off-shoring of American jobs through “free” trade and tax breaks to companies that outsource American jobs. (Learn more about NAFTA and the KORUS FTA)

3. Stop All Negotiations Pushing for More “Free” Trade Pacts – Allowing deals like the TPP to pass would not only put American workers in more direct competition with workers earning $1 per hour in Vietnam, but it would also take control of banking and finance out of the hands of the U.S. government and restrict inspections to imports. Deals like the TPP are being made in secret, congress doesn’t even have access, though lobbyist for the big multinational companies are helping not only allowed access, but are a part of the negotiations.

4. Tax Reform (value-added taxes and tariffs) – To compete globally America still needs to export, the United States must become a strong manufacturing nation again. Rather than continuing to stand down in today’s trade war, America can prepare to compete overseas with tax reform this includes returning to tariffs. Politicians should negotiate with countries one at a time, without the influence of lobbyists, making trade and competition with other nations fair. As the playing field in other countries levels out compared to ours — wages rise, environmental standards are imposed and enforced, currency manipulation ends — the United States can lower the tariffs imposed on goods from those nations.

As the United States raises tariffs, so will competitor nations. To keep the paying field level, the U.S. can implement a value-added tax (VAT), a tax that has been adopted by most of the world’s nations. America should follow their lead. The United States could then use the money earned through tariffs and a VAT to subsidize American exporters, just as foreign competitors are doing to now. A VAT should not be applied to food, water, housing or children’s clothing. (Learn more)

5. Regulate imports to stop toxic food from entering our boarders – Food safety in the United States is not up to par. America is importing more and more foreign food, but does not have the resources to ensure that it is safe. Americans now get 15 to 20 percent of all the food they consume from overseas. This includes two-thirds of our fruits and vegetables, and 80 percent of our shrimp and other seafood. Despite the nearly unavoidable nature of imported food, the U.S. government agencies lack the ability to properly inspect imported food for contaminants.

The FDA currently inspects only about 1 percent of all imported food, and Americans are getting sick as a result.Tariffs on food could be used to inspect for safety and quality. Low prices are no excuse for selling tainted food to citizens and should not be used to feed children. (Learn more)

6 . The Citizens ruling must be reversed – The United States needs a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states that to be a citizen, one must have a pulse. This amendment should also define, and not redefine, speech as written, verbal or other physical communication, such as sign language.

Money is not speech. It is not a way to speak louder. It is merely a way to quietly subdue the free speech of others. If speech is free and money is speech and all men and women are created equal, then we should all have equal wealth to ensure all have the equal right to speak. This would be absurd, and if the Supreme Courts cannot see this error, then politicians must make an Amendment to clarify the intent of the Constitution.

More solutions:

America Needs Better Planning – The problem with the American economy comes into view when looking at the so-called “plans” coming from Washington. Plans rebuild infrastructure, but without Buy American clauses – giving dock and construction workers temporary employment. Pushing more job-killing “free” trade deals, which means that those workers will go home only be able to buy foreign-made products. This just puts more and more money in the hands of China and other wealth-producing nations by removing more and more wealth from the U.S. economy.

America Needs Greater Leadership – The real solutions are simple, but may be hard to see for politicians who are only concerned with their next election. American leaders must look to the long term, and be brave enough to put their chance at re-election at risk in the interest of helping our nation. The nations has waited to work on any sort of real recovery for too long, and there will be some pain to get back to stability. The longer politicians wait, the harder it will become. America needs true, fearless leadership from our politicians to right this ship.

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