How To Get Loot Boxes

The rationale behind why people buy loot boxes. Introducing Nir Eyal and The Hooked Model. From a behavioral level, to understand how gamers and players get drawn into this model, we have to take […]

How To Get Dream Job

I couldn’t believe it. After teaching English for a few years in China I’d been offered a job as a cultural liaison. I’d be working at an international design and manufacturing company in China, using my Mandarin Chinese skills every day. I’d previously tried to find a job the traditional […]

How To Grow Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Dosage. In this section, you will find our simplified guide to tongkat ali dosage. We have formulated this guide from our own first-hand experience using tongkat ali extract. […]

How To Know About Your Karmic Desriny

Research articles on the Law of Karma Purpose of life. We have often wondered about the true purpose of life. In essence, the main purpose of life is to overcome karma (destiny) and attain God realisation. […]

How To Kill Yourself Maplestory

To start your own party, make yourself the leader and click on people to invite them. To get invited, ask the person and they will invite you, or say "Joining Full PQ" or w/e one you specifically want. […]

How To Jump On Keyboard Donkey Kong Classics Pc Gamefabrique

Donkey Kong has captured a girl and it is your mission to rescue her. You control Mario around the construction site to save the girl by knocking the girder out from under Donkey Kong. To do this you need to switch on the crane and jump onto the hook and catch it (Quite tricky). Watch out for the barrels that Donkey Kong throws in your way and also the iron moving overhead. […]

How To Get To Kangooroo Island

The #1 Best Value of 76 places to stay in Kangaroo Island. Free Wifi. Free Parking. Kangaroo Island Seaside Inn. Show Prices. #2 Best Value of 76 places to stay in Kangaroo Island. Free Parking. Hotel website. Western KI Caravan Park and Wildlife Reserve. Show Prices. 5,441 reviews. #3 Best Value of 76 places to stay in Kangaroo Island. […]

Lineage 2 Revolution How To Get Rare Equipment

This is not much more helpful,but I've found this out the hard way 1st It's all up to chance. 2nd start with A 30 gear if you start with S 30 gear you're just using up adena 3rd When you get a rare gear,or weapon NEVER-EVER try to combine it again just use your upgrade stones 4th Whatever you're trying to trun into a rare place it in the LEFT […]

How To Get My Chat Back For Cafeland On Facebook

17/07/2012 · I moved my UI button back up to the left screen edge... then decided to adjust my chat bar size a bit more. Again though, even with the bar now visible, I had to drag a button down to the bottom screen edge before it would allow me to resize. […]

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Apartment

This guide will lead you through killing cockroach eggs and getting rid of adult roaches. Read on for fool-proof steps to keeping your home roach-free. Read on for fool-proof steps to keeping your … […]

How To Keep Baby From Rolling Over When Changing Diaper

Aside from giving him something to keep him still during a diaper change, my son loves this new toy in general. Check your local cell phone store, cingular or otherwis, and ask the clerk if they have any old display models (the plastic non working replicas of cell phones) that they can give you. The Cingular store here in town gave my son an old plastic Samsung phone and a Firefly phone and he […]

How To Get Gold In Pokemon Legends Roblox

16/09/2016 · If you level up, you’ll see this image. The rarer the ore the more EXP the ore rewards you. The higher the level of your Data & Analysis, the more EXP that building generates for you. […]

How To Find On This Day Posts On Facebook

Now, post search will go through all Facebook posts in the index, a set of more than 1 trillion posts that grows by billions every day. Stocky said his team is still working to bring public posts […]

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Youtube

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Wikihow Weight Loss Diet How.Can.Lose.Weight.Without.Going.To.The.Gym Youtube Com Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Naturewise Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is Pure Garcinia Slim Safe. […]

How To Get Packets Per Second Tcpstat

Given that we are sending at no more than 30 packets per second, and we are redundantly sending acks roughly 30 times, if you don’t get an ack for a packet within one second, it is very likely that packet … […]

How To Get A Google Image Map

Double-click the map to open the Format tab. Click the Crop button in the Size group and then select the area of the map to crop by dragging the border of the map. After you select the area to crop, click the Crop button again to remove the unwanted portions in the original screenshot, such as […]

How To Find A Specialist In Quebec

Do you have a family doctor? Perhaps ask them if they are willing to take your child. The only other option I can think of is calling Appletree in Ottawa and book your child with the wellbaby program. […]

Bell 9400 How To Get Crave Tv

Bell Media says consumers can subscribe to video streaming service regardless of Internet provider, or whether they have cable or satellite TV . Bell Media says consumers can subscribe to video […]

How To Get Rid Of Puff

Natural Way to Get Rid of Bags Under the Eyes Puffy eyes occur when you have facial swelling under or around the eyes. Puffy eyes can give you a tired and worn-down appearance. […]

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Flu Without Vomiting

How to Get Rid of Stomach Flu June 13, 2016 Stomach flu is a condition where the gastrointestinal tract is inflamed usually as a result of consuming contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. […]

How To Find Ph Given Pka

Step-by-step explanation of how to calculate the pKa of a weak acid of known pH and concentration. Solution: Given the concentration of the weak acid [HA] 2) Given the pH, calculate the concentration of H3O+ 3) Set up an ice table to find the Solution Summary. The solution calculates the pKa of a weak acid. $2.19. Add Solution to Cart Remove from Cart. See Also This Related BrainMass […]

How To Fix This Installation Package Could Not Be Opened

21/06/2007 · when i go to download java i get message that this installation package could not be opened.verify that the package exists ant that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package […]

How To Get Free Weight Loss Products

Piling the toxins on the body continuously, does not allow weight loss products breastfeeding time to process and expel the toxins. If you have a skin disorder this could be a symptom of a clogged system; Egypt, if you have bowel problems such as dirrhea or constipation, this is a definite sign of a “clog” problem. Diarrhea occurs when the colon is so clogged that the only way waste can […]

How To Get Guides To Work In Photoshop

Working with Guides, Grid & Slices. Guides, Grid & Slices preferences help keep a multi-layered document in proper order. For example, using Guides can help you line up buttons on a web interface, or make sure specific design elements are precisely placed within the document window. […]

How To Find Your Mmr League

THE BEST LEAGUE BOOSTING EXPERIENCE. Boosteria being one of the oldest elo boosting websites in the world, fits the very high standarts of service trusted by thousands of players worldwide. CHECK PRICES. Challenger Elo Boosters. We are recruiting only among the best LoL players. Minimum requirement for our applicants is Diamond 5, thus your account will be in the good skilled hands! Fast […]

How To Find Canadian Girl

A Canadian actress that was the subject of a missing persons report appears to have taken to Facebook to say that she and her nephew are safe and sound. […]

How To Get Rid Of Super Glue Off Skin

How to remove super glue from your skin Easy way to get super glue off your skin 2018-06-19 7 02:56 1,197 Related Posts: How to remove super glue from your skin Easy way to get super glue off your skin […]

How To Use Otg Flash Drive

13/03/2016 · I am using Lumia 640 xl. Some weeks ago my brother got OTG Usb flash drive (a flash that has one side with usb port and other side it has a micro usb), he was saying that this flash … […]

How To Get Recognized As A Singer

16/02/2008 Best Answer: I actually think the easiest way to get yourself recognized is youtube. After a couple months of singing on youtube you will have tons of hits. A lot of people get good record deals off that because they are noticed by somone who works for a record company. Also, after awhile of […]

How To Get To The Moon In Google Earth 2017

Here are 17 mysterious shipwrecks you can see on Google Earth. Make a note in the comment section if you can find any others. Make a note in the comment section if you can find any others. 2 of 18 […]

How To Find Slope Between Two Elevations

The difference between the straight-line distance between the two sea level points and the distance along the surface of the Earth between those two points is: (d/24) * (d/R)^2. For the maximum distance of 200 miles that one might see a peak, the difference is 0.02 miles, so can be neglected. […]

How To Fix A Vape Screen

Over time, this resin builds up, collecting from screen to mouthpiece. If your device has been difficult to pull from, your screen is probably clogged. Its just a matter of taking the device apart and cleaning or changing out the screen. Refer to the devices manual for the best way to care for your vape. Regular maintenance and upkeep of your device will keep this issue from happening. […]

How To Fix Mouse Feet

Fix windows 10 keyboard and mouse not working. If your Keyboard or Mouse is not working in Windows 10 after a recent update/ upgrade. And performing system restart, disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse or keyboard cant help. Here some solutions you may apply to fix and restore keyboard and mouse to working state. Test the keyboard and mouse. First of all, try to connect the same […]

How To Get Longer Eyelashes Overnight

A simple diy to make eyelashes longer and beautiful naturally really fast. This is a natural method hence it will not irritate your eyes. Artificial Eyelashes Hair Beauty Beauty Tips Beauty Care Beauty Skin Health And Beauty Beauty Hacks Beauty Makeup Eyelash Serum Beauty Bar Hair And Beauty Big Eyelashes Reading Vape Tricks Tips Beauty Secrets Hair Treatments Droopy Eyes Dinghy Eyes. More […]

How To Set Up A Win 7 Flash Drive

The matter is that by default Windows identifies all the USB flash drives and SD cards as removable drives that can’t be split into several partitions with the built-in Windows tools. And even if you partition the USB flash drive into two or more volumes using third-party utilities (say, in Linux), only the first partition will be available in Windows. Windows supports multiple partitions […]

How To Kill Yourself Without Hesitation

You would probably get salmonella and all the puking and shitting would kill you of dehydration pretty soon. It would just look like a case of severe food poisoning. It would just look like a … […]

How To Open Car Door If You Forget Key Inside

31/12/2009 · The car will auto-lock only if a door and possibly the trunk has not been opened, so for it to lock itself you cant open anything to drop a key in. The gas cap door doesn't have a sensor to tell the car when its open so the car will lock with it open. […]

How To Get Humidity Out Of Mousepad

Otto Mouse Pad Black and White Swirl This Otto Mouse Pad will provide a smooth surface for your mouse while you're operating your computer. It has a modern design to fit in with your workspace decor. It has a modern design to fit in with your workspace decor. […]

How To Leave A Job And Work From Home

As they put it, “High workload, emotional dissonance, and low spatial work-home boundaries are related to poor psychological detachment from work during non-work time.” Studies show that leisure experiences off the job play a major role in buffering stressors and creating a positive mood state—active and strong— that allows for recovery and keeping negative mood at bay. […]

How To Get Prescribed Adderall Instead Of Concerta

2/08/2011 How can get my doctor to prescribe me Concerta or Adderall instead of Risperdal and Klonopin? If you've been diagnosed with anxiety, you will probably have to do some talking to be prescribed stimulants. You could try for Straterra, or another ADD treatment that is not a stimulant, but stimulants can make the anxiety completely out of control, so most doctors wont be happy giving you […]

Swtor How To Get Metabolic Cell Graft

22/10/2015 PLEASE, PLEASE let's get rid of these grafts. It's one bad additional crafting step, and I don't see why the hell we even need to need it. It's one bad additional crafting step, and I don't see why the hell we even need to need it. […]

How To Make A Drink That Looks Like Blood

Watch as the fake blood oozes down the inside wall of the blender to get a good idea of what it will look like on the white towel. Each of the ingredients in this recipe adds its own special quality to the fake blood thickness, color, and opacity. […]

How To Get Glitter Out Of Hair Scalp

19/10/2018 Gently run your fingers through your hair and over your scalp. You might feel and see some soap bubbles forming in your hair. This is normal, and means that the vinegar-water is working. It is removing all that build-up that has accumulated in your hair. 7. Consider rinsing your hair with cool water. The cold-temperature will help seal the hair cuticles. You can also leave the vinegar rinse in […]

How To Find Gateway Ip Hitron

Subnet Mask: The Subnet Mask value entered will define the DHCP scope the Hitron will use to offer IP addresses to clients. Change this when you prefer a different IP subnet on the local network other than 192.168.0.x, or to limit the IP range that is available in the dynamic pool. […]

How To Get To Shilo Village Runescape Osrs

Shilo Village is a quest in which the player lays to rest a vengeful spirit that is attacking Shilo Village. It is required in order to access Shilo Village and its cart system. New areas in the... It is required in order to access Shilo Village and its cart system. […]

How To Go To Space Youtube

How to Launch a Camera Into Space MIT students Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh stuffed a camera in a cooler, tied it to a helium balloon, andwith FAA approvallaunched the rig 17.5 miles into the […]

How To Fix One Large Cell In Excel

By tracing cell references, you can see how the data in a cell figures into a formula in another cell; or, if the cell contains a formula, you can see which cells the formula gathers data from to make its computation. You can get a better idea of how your worksheet is constructed, and in so doing, find structural errors more easily. […]

Sannenzaka Ninenzaka How To Get There

Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Gion Yakasa Shrine Kyoto, Japan October 25, 2016 by summerkid_summergirl 2 Comments Read more: How to Reach Kiyomizu-Dera Temple from Kyoto Station and Stroll along the quiet street of Yakasa Dori, coffee shop % Arabica Coffee by famous Junicha Yamaguchi barista and a view of Hokanji Temple Kyoto . […]

How To Get Rid Of Pink Screen On Chromebook

I have a white bar accross my Chrome window. A few observations: It only happens with Chrome It only happens when the window is maximized It is dependent on the monitor I am using (see image belo... […]

How To Get Stains Out Of White Clothes Without Bleach

3 Ways To Get Toothpaste Out Of Clothes Wikihow -> Credit to : How to get rid of bleach stains from clothes best ways to get rid of bleach stains getridofthings com how to remove bleach stains you best ways to get rid of bleach stains getridofthings com […]

How To Fix Bureaucratic Dysfunction

- Post bureaucracy does constitute and advance on bureaucratic organization because it is the answer to the flaws of the bureaucratic system. Post-bureaucracy was aimed to fix the issues with the bureaucratic system. An important feature of post bureaucracy is Trust because it has a lot of advantages. Though it can be costly for the business. Trust refers to a lack of discipline as employees […]

How To Find Out Where An Instagram Account Was Made

For example, I had a personal account 3 yrs old and I delete all the photo and made him niche accout so if someone will search the age he will think my account is 1 month old while it is more than 3 years. […]

How To Fix Question Mark Makes E

When a direct question occurs within a larger sentence, it takes a question mark. Note that in the examples below, the question mark supplants the comma that would syntactically belong in its place. Note that in the examples below, the question mark supplants the comma that would syntactically belong in its place. […]

How To Fix Audio Crackling

You might be able to repair the problem yourself, but if the wires are severely damaged you may need to replace them. Issues with the Amplifier An amplifier, especially an older one, can also cause crackling … […]

How To Get A Shell Bell In Pokemon Platinum

25/11/2013 That is, Buneary having this ability cannot gain the effects of items like plates or the Shell Bell. However, Klutz does not ignore the effects of items that affect Pokemon growth, so stuff like the Macho Brace and Soothe Bell will still work as intended. The Amulet Coin will also function as normal. […]

How To Fix A Dishwasher That Does Not Drain

5/09/2017 All dishwashers will have a method to drain the water. Most models will have a single motor driven pump with two separate compartments, one for circulation and one for drain […]

How To Find Forgotten Windows 10 Password

15/04/2016 · in short: I just have to login to Windows 10, after that I will abandon the account immediately, but I cannot find a way to login and when I try to recover Windows 7 or when I try to start Windows in safe mode I always have to login with that forgotten password..... […]

How To Drink Jule Of The Orient

Sorvana CEO Mega PAK2.0 (12 bottles Jule of the Orient and 4 bottles of Gochi ) ? 35,100.00 Goji & JULE CEO Mega PAK (12 bottles Goji and 4 bottles Jule of the Orient ) […]

How To Help Struggling Writers

Much of my time as a Sendco is spent supporting young people who struggle with reading and writing. So for my third blog for Tes, I have highlighted a number of things every teacher can do to help those struggling in these two core areas. […]

How To Get Green Off Bricks

When cleaning brick, start off with a cleaning solution that is less likely to damage the material. A detergent and water solution will remove many stains and is a safe choice for regular use. Reserve the more intense cleaning solutions for stubborn stains that cannot be removed easily. […]

How To Copy Ps3 Games To Internal Hard Drive

2/12/2012 · To backup the game you need to start multiMAN (under game,) put your game into the PS3, select the game in multiMAN and press triangle and select Backup/Copy. It will ask you if you want to backup your game to the internal hard drive first (if you want to backup your game on the internal hard drive press yes) if not select no and it will ask you to backup the game on the external hard drive […]

How To Get Ohio State Football Tickets

Grab your Ohio State football tickets while you can and check out the action for yourself. Ohio State Football Schedule 2014 The Buckeyes have a difficult road ahead of them if they want to compete for a National Championship. […]

How To Find Your Birth Certificate Number

16/10/2012 · On the declaration it asks for my Birth Certificate Reference Number. On the certificate I have 2 numbers. One in the top right with 2 letters followed by 6 numbers (LLNNNNNN),... On the certificate I have 2 numbers. […]

How To Get To Lakey Peak

We got 2 houses for rent in Lakey peak, Sumbawa right on some of the best surf spots in Indonesia. The houses were finished in 2010, and keeps a very good standard. When you stay in one of our houses, you will get to meet our lovely local family who will take good care of you while you are there by cooking, cleaning and helping you out if needed. They also live on the property. Lakey Peak is […]

How To Get Uk Pound Sign On Us Keyboard

are you on mac or pc? If mac try option +3. if pc do you have a number pad layout over the top of the letter keys on the right side, often in a blue colour? […]

How To Find At&t Gophone Account Number

The prepaid mobile phone option from AT&T, known as the "GoPhone," has become a favorite of mobile phone users who want the freedom of no contracts and no monthly obligations. Purchasing minutes can be a considerable expense for long-winded talkers, but some websites offer a way to obtain free minutes for simple, quick work. […]

How To Get Rid Of Whiteflies On Indoor Plants

Unfortunately, basil plants are often attacked by pests like the whitefly, which can be found under leaves, sucking out plant juices until the leaves yellow and dry out. To harvest healthy basil […]

How To Feel Wanted When You Feel Lonely

Sometimes you can't afford to move out, you don't want to upset the family by being the bad guy all the time so you just suffer in silence. The loneliness eats at you and destroys you from the inside. […]

How To Get A Flat Stomach In 1 Minute

Flat Belly Overnight gives a specific 3-Minute Sequence where it works before going to bed to activate your abdominal muscles and accelerate the fat loss process around your belly. This sequence didn’t involve any strenuous exercise and only needed 3-minutes out of your day. […]

How To Know If Hard Disk Is Uefi

20/08/2017 · In this tutorial i'll show you how to install Windows 10 on GPT disk using UEFI bootable USB, i'll show you briefly the main differences between MBR and GPT disks so you know … […]

How To Know If You Are His Girlfriend

Well, if you bring these 10 things to a relationship, you're definitely the kind of women that men love to date (and maybe even marry), and you are most likely the best girlfriend ever. […]

How To Get Skyshard In Emberflint Mine

Emberflint Mine dungeon mapThe Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) Maps. This is map of Emberflint Mine. select map zoom: 1 x. 1.5 x. 2 x. all markers ON. all markers OFF. Points of interest located on this map. Skyshard Skyshard mark on map. Used to strike flames underground. References. Stonefalls. The ashfall from the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains and from great Ash Mountain itself is […]

How To Get Your Life Together After A Breakup

Its OK to feel sad after a break-up and it can take time to get over the loss of a relationship. You don't need to shut your ex out of your life but it might be helpful to try to avoid the person for a while after the break-up this can mean online, too. Keep busy. You might find yourself with too much free time on your hands, especially on weekends. Plan ahead and do things that you […]

How To Get High Gear Score For Honor

A basic character with purple gear has 16 gear slots, including Artifacts. Epic gear starts at 130 item level. So 16 slots net 2,080 which leaves 1,020 to be covered by 22 enchantment slots, including Reinforcement. Thats slightly over 46 per Enchantment, or Rank 9s. […]

Wow How To Get Exp For Your Artifact

It was previously below your reputation bar if you had a certain reputation selected to view on your interface. I noticed the difference today too. I can no longer see both, only one or the other. To see your artifact bar again just go into your reps and check/uncheck one and it … […]

How To Help Child With Short Attention Span

What can be done to compensate a child with short attention span? 1) Check that there is no physiological problem causing his short term attention, from a serious medical condition to the possibility that he cannot sit still and settle because he has a fear of asking to go to the toilet! […]

How To Get Imovie For Free On Mac 2015

Listen or download How To Add Facecam To Youtube Videos Mac Imovie 2015 music song for free. Please buy How To Add Facecam To Youtube Videos Mac Imovie 2015 album music original if you like the song you choose from the list. If one of the songs on the list are the copyright belongs to you, […]

How To Find A Pet Sitter In My Area

Search by postcode to find the best local, reliable dog sitter for your dog. All dog sitters are reviewed by other dog owners and vetted by DogBuddy. All dog sitters are reviewed by other dog owners and vetted by DogBuddy. […]

How To Get Into Canadian Universities

Applicants to Canadian schools often have some connection to the country, notes Stephanie Shyu, a founder of AdmitSee, a database of successful college application files uploaded by the students […]

How To Get A Job In Localization

Apply now for Content Localization Program Manager Job at BetterUp in San Francisco - We built BetterUp to help professionals pursue their lives with clarity, purpose, and passion. Today, people spend more time at work than ever before, making work an increasingly important part of our lives. But the world of work is changing. On the one hand, stress, anxiety, and depression are soaring to […]

How To Find Potential With Charge And Direction

Electric Potential Energy Consider a charge placed in a uniform electric field (e.g., the field between two oppositely charged, and the displacement of the charge in the direction of this force. Suppose that the displacement vector subtends an angle with the electric field . It follows that (76) Thus, if we move a positive charge in the direction of the electric field then we do negative […]

How To Find Out Exact Date Of Conception

If you are trying to conceive a child, the first thing you should know is the date of your ovulation, the optimal time for you to have the maximum chances at conception. There are a couple of ways to find out when you are ovulating, and you can do it yourself, at home, with a fertility calculator, without going to a doctor every month. Here are a few methods of finding out when you are ovulating: […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab E How To Get Phone Symbol

Samsung Galaxy Tab E is a decent quality Android Tablet, which comes with 9.6 inches TFT touchscreen display powered by 1.3 GHZ Quad-Core processor along with 1.5 GB RAM and the device runs on Android v5.1 (Lollipop) operating system. […]

How To Get Imusic On Iphone 7

For now, if you use iOS 10 and up, your iPhone is a little less of a genius. How to Make Genius Playlists in iOS 8.4 through iOS 9 Since the debut of Apple Music in iOS 8.4, the Genius Playlist feature on iPhone has been a little hard to find. […]

How To Help Hurricane Irma Victims

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey left devastation in Texas, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean, leaving plenty of destruction in its path, before heading to Florida. […]

How To Grow A Cannabis Plant From Seed

The president of Nextleaf Labs says the process isn't too difficult and Canadians have plenty of good reasons to give home growing a try. Adults in most provinces will be allowed to grow up to […]

How To Grow A Saguaro Cactus

Growing in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 and 10, the saguaro cactus owes its long life to its adaptation to its desert environment and to the fact that it, like many other cactus plants, grows rather slowly. In fact, the average lifespan of a desert cactus when grown in its natural habitat is between 50 and 200 years. In the home garden, a cactus plant's lifespan may be shorter, but it is still […]

How To Get Lord Hanuman Blessings

At all places in India and across the world, Lord Hanuman is the most worshipped deity from Vedic mythology. People flock temples of Lord Bajrang Bali in particular on Saturdays, and pictures of the Bajrang Bali can be found widespread in all corners of the world. […]

How To Get Dragomi Monster Squad

Monster Legend for PC Windows takes you to the world of monsters and beast whom you have to tame and include in your squad. In the game, your objective would be to build the most powerful monster squad in the world. You would have numerous monsters present in your squad, you have to breed them to create new and more dangerous monsters or you can capture and tame the powerful monsters … […]

How To Get Into Masters Of Psychology

Forensic psychology is a highly specialized field of psychology. A master’s degree most certainly is required for many aspects of the field. […]

How To Get A Free Grade Four Pen Pal

A Staten Island man was arrested for stalking after waging a decades-long campaign of harassment against a woman who was once his fourth-grade pen pal, authorities said. […]

How To Get A Girl To Be Your Best Friend

And if your best friend doesn't like them, they're out. 2. It is an unspoken rule that if one of you needs the other, all plans are dropped immediately. Tap to play GIF CW / […]

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