Stop Fast Track Obama

3 Reasons Fast Track Is the Linchpin of President Obama’s “Free Trade” Schemes

By Patrick Kellen January 29, 2015
This Fast Track Authority and the President’s threat to utilize it are extremely disastrous — and something that should have every American up in arms. Read More


We Are Losing the Economic War with China

By Ruth Patterson January 29, 2015
China has declared a trade war on America. While other nations have wrought havoc on our economy, China is the worst offender. Read More

Fast Track

Fast Track Is About to be Introduced in Congress! The Time to Oppose It Is Now!

By Daniel Mills January 29, 2015
Fast Track would usurp the traditional constitutional role of Congress allowing the president to sign the agreement without further congressional approval or oversight. Read More

America Has Taken a Supporting Role on the World Stage

Moon China

Not long ago, the Chinese government landed an unmanned vehicle on the surface of the moon. This is not the accomplishment the United States achieved when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, but it does highlight China’s growing economic and scientific prowess when compared to the United States. China is moving forward, while the U.S. is struggling to maintain its current levels of spending on basic government programs, let alone space exploration.

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