Worker Visas and TPP to Displace More American Workers, Expert Argues

By Alex Swoyer July 6, 2015
Kern argues corporate lawyers find loopholes to fill H-1B visa qualifications and outlines in her column how U.S. companies sidestep laws that forbid displacement of U.S. workers. Read More

student loan interest rates

The Next Big Economic Crisis: Student Loan Debt

By Daniel Mills July 6, 2015
People fail to see the crisis in our youth who are burdened down with an infinite amount of student loan debt. Read More

tax reform

125 Million Americans Could Be Income Tax Free!

By James Moreland July 6, 2015
This new system would eliminate all income taxes on the first $100,000 earned which will abolish income taxes for 125 million Americans! Read More

We Have Returned to Colonial Status

Founding Fathers

It should be clear by now we are being colonized by China. Slowly but surely our country is slipping out of our hands and into the control of the Chinese government. They purchase our factories and steal our technology through “technology transfers,” which are forced upon companies attempting to stay afloat. The communist country buys our banks and has now acquired parts of our thought-provoking, cultural industries, like the film industry.

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