New Proposal Will Allow Government to Lie About Our Trade Deficit

By Daniel Mills December 20, 2014
The U.S. scheme would deceptively deflate our trade deficit caused by unfair trade policies, while artificially inflating the number of U.S. "manufacturing" jobs. Read More


Mainstream Monopoly Keeps Us From Finding Out the Truth

By John Olen December 20, 2014
We need a more competitive, open market so that more Americans are made aware of all of the issues facing our country Read More


We Can’t Continue Living on Imports and Debt!

By Thomas Heffner December 20, 2014
We can still get our country back on the right path, but we must immediately stop our failed “free trade” policies and return to policies that work for the United States. Read More

Wake up America – Your Dreams Have Become a Nightmare


When we finally awake from our peaceful sleep we will realize the ownership and control of our country was taken from us. We are a defeated and conquered nation. While we were sleeping 16,613 of our wealth-generating companies permanently slipped into foreign ownership. The further profits, which formerly supplied us with our strength and comforts, will now belong to our foreign masters who have stealthily taken control of us in an economic war.

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