We Need to Stop Selling Out to China and Bring U.S. Jobs Home!

By Jordan Bailey October 30, 2014
Our economy is struggling, though we are technically out of the recession, unemployment is persistently high, and wages have fallen. Read More


We Need Tax Reform Now!

John Olen October 30, 2014
It is evident that our tax reform is outdated and only hurting American companies and individuals. Companies are changing their addresses, leaving our borders and moving their head quarters to foreign countries in order to cut their tax bills. Read More


Destined to Go Bankrupt if We Don’t End Free Trade!

Margaret Elkis October 30, 2014
We have heard that “free trade” agreements have been delivering good results to us, when in reality its been just the opposite Read More

Can’t We Govern Ourselves? The WTO Has Usurped This Right


Why do we allow foreign individuals to dictate our trade policy?

Shouldn’t we be governing ourselves?

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