Stop Fast Track Obama

3 Issues GOP Members Fail to Address in Pro-TPA Letter

By Margaret Elkis March 2, 2015
It is obvious our Congressional leaders can't be relied on for the truth since they left out many disastrous and dangerous points in this letter. Read More


“Free Trade” Isn’t Free – It Is Bankrupting Our Country!

By George Barlow March 02, 2015
We have seen our factories shut down, our good jobs disappear, and our standard of living decline as a result of so-called "free trade." Read More


4 Critical Steps Needed for Solving America’s Economic Crisis

By Thomas Heffner March 2, 2015
By following these common-sense guidelines, the U.S. can not only stanch the bleeding, it can begin the process of economic growth once more. Read More

“Free Trade” Is Not the Way to Prosperity


Americans are deceived into believing they benefit economically from outsourcing, offshoring production and an unprecedented trade deficit.  In reality, the United States giving up its wealth for plastic trinkets and outsourcing is the cause for rising poverty and joblessness all across the nation.

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