US Government’s Own Report Shows Toxic TPP “Not Worth Passing”

'This report indicates the TPP will produce almost no benefits, but inflict real harm on so many workers.' Read More


Let’s Really Honor Our Troops This Year

Memorial Day is a time to remember, honor and give thanks to those who risk their lives for their country. The calling to defend one's countrymen, friends and family is one of the most noble and altruistic. Perhaps this Memorial Day we can find a better way to honor our troops. Read More


U.S. Falling Behind China in Green Energy Technologies

Investing in green energies would create jobs, promote innovation and new technologies, reduce pollution, and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Read More

A Plea for Americans to Unite


Democrats and Republicans are constantly swept up in debates regarding labels. Republicans generally argue for “free trade” while a few progressive democrats campaign for fair trade. In reality, all that American citizens are doing is getting caught up in a false ideological battle while ignoring actual issues. “Free trade” and “protectionist” fair trade are just labels: Americans should simply be focused on “trade” and what is best for our country. Is this not the policy every country should adopt? America must reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership President Obama has created before more jobs are shipped overseas.

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