We Must Get Out Of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Now!

We MUST get out of the WTO and reverse ALL "free trade" agreements - replacing them with fair trade agreements. This is the ONLY way we will ever grow our economy again. Read More

China Trade

A Historical Wake Up Call: Stop the Tainted Imports

It seems as if year after year the scandals go on, sending our fellow Americans to the hospital ill, if not near death. Read More


What Our Membership in the WTO Has Done to the U.S.

Dozens of laws that we have passed to benefit the American citizens have been struck down by the WTO courts. Read More

Avoiding the Coming Wave of Economic Collapse


America is sailing into dangerous economic waters, chiefly due to our massive debts and inability to manufacture competitively. The months ahead could determine the success or failure of the nation’s economic course: will we right the ship—or sink into the history books as another former superpower?

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