Why Is Our Trade Deficit With China So High?

By Margaret Elkis March 27, 2015
It was a combination of multiple bad decisions our so called “trusted” political leaders made. Read More


A New Threat Looms on the Horizon: TISA

By Daniel Mills March 27, 2015
Now that we’ve shipped away our manufacturing jobs, our leaders appear to be clearing the way to ship as many service jobs to foreign countries as they can. Read More

Free Trade

11 Facts Proving “Free Trade” Has Been a Disastrous Failure for America

By James Moreland March 27, 2015
It is now obvious that we must stop engaging in this destructive behavior and bring back the kind of pro-America trade policies that once served us well. Read More

“Free Trade” Weakens Us and Strengthens Our Rivals

China Military

For a long time now, observers have been predicting that China will be the dominant super power of the latter half of this century. At the rate they are growing, they look poised to turn this prediction into a reality very soon. As they stake their claim to the throne, and unseat the United States, it is maddening to reflect on how we have done so much to make them more powerful at our expense.

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