The TPP Is Something You Need To Know About and Fight Against

By Margaret Elkis September 30, 2014
While the majority of Americans are opposed to “free trade,” President Obama continues to push for even more disastrous “free trade” deals. Read More


The Plutocracy Runs Even Deeper in America than Many Realize

By Daniel Mills September 30, 2014
The political process has been usurped from the American people by the ultra-rich 1 percent Read More

35W bridge collapse TLR1

More Needs to Be Done To Address Our Crumbling Infrastructure

By James Morland September 30, 2014
The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates we need to spend $3.6 trillion dollars over the next six years to upgrade our infrastructure from a D+ grade to a B. Read More

Outsourcing Is Not a Mutually Beneficial Trade Practice — It’s Outright Labor Arbitrage!


Outsourcing’s Harsh Truth: It Is Killing Us! Economists are blind to the loss of American industries and occupations because they believe these results reflect the beneficial workings of free trade. Whatever is being lost, they think, is being replaced by something as good or better. This thinking is rooted in the doctrine of comparative advantage put forth by economist David Ricardo in 1817.

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