Cancun prepares for the WTO protests by barricading the conference zone.

The TPP and Fast Track Would Betray the Constitution

By Daniel Mills October 22, 2014
The most recent leaks show just how much the TPP will usurp our constitution.
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Our Crown Jewels Are Being Traded for Chinese Trinkets

By Margaret Elkis October 22, 2014
Our iconic, American property Waldorf-Astoria hotel which hosted Royals, Celebrities, and Presidents in New York City was just sold to the Chinese. Read More

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Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups Now Run America

By James Moreland October 22, 2014
The American political system no longer operates with the American people in mind. Instead, lobbyists and special interest groups govern America Read More

America’s Manufacturing Capabilities Are Disappearing and May Soon Be Gone


“Free trade” agreements have flung America’s import-door wide open, and the repercussions are disastrous. Our economy is suffering greatly due to the explosion of foreign-made products flooding in. These products are manufactured overseas for $4 per hour or less, or in first-world nations that protect themselves with a value-added tax – the modern tariff.  At such a low cost of labor and with other protectionist measures we do not have, they represent unfair competition for American-based manufacturers.

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