President Obama’s TPP Would be a Disaster For America!

By Daniel Mills September 19, 2014
The TPP would be a disaster for America. Negotiations have been held in secret and even members of Congress have been kept out of the negotiations. Read More

Fair Trade not Fast Track

Let’s Learn from Our Mistakes and Turn away from “Free Trade”

By James Moreland September 19, 2014
As bad as it was to enter into NAFTA, it is many times worse to continue engaging in "free trade" nonsense, yet our presidents do it at every opportunity. Read More


Obama Sending 3000 Troops to Fight Against Ebola

By Margaret Elkis September 19, 2014
3,000 military personnel will head to West Africa in an effort that will cost over $750 million over the next six months. Read More

The FCC’s Proposed Rules on Net Neutrality Will be Back

Net Neutrality1

The Federal Communications Commission received a record 3 million comments against the proposed rules for which would open the door for companies to pay for special access to consumers and create faster premium lanes; essentially paid prioritization. The deadline was Monday at midnight and the opposition has seemed to temporarily work, however the idea hasn’t been completely shut down.

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