Our Economy is Collapsing Due to Our Membership in the WTO

By Thomas Heffner August 2, 2015
By outsourcing our manufacturing we are not only giving our competitors the keys to our factories, we are giving them the blueprints to our innovation. Read More


Greedy Members of the 1 Percent Are Killing Us with “Free Trade”

By James Moreland August 2, 2015
"Free trade” means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy--tariff- and duty-free--for goods made in foreign countries for $4-per-hour or less. Read More


7 Reasons We Need To Fight to Stop TTIP Now

By Daniel Mills August 2, 2015
The bottom line is that endlessly searching for new “free trade” partners is not America’s most prudent strategy. Read More

America Must Change Its Direction or Face Inevitable Economic Destruction


We can’t continue to live on imports and escalating debts from the debilitating and devastating effects of disastrous “free trade” — which is eliminating our middle class jobs and leaving us with a service (servant) economy!

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