Devastating “Free Trade” Agreements Leave Americans Penniless

By Daniel Mills August 27, 2014
As well-paying manufacturing jobs have left America, low skill workers have turned to low-paying service jobs Read More


FDA Warning: Beware of Toxic Tuna Imports

By Margaret Elkis August 27, 2014
The main concern is that there are currently no restrictions on what species of tuna may be put in cans, and sometimes higher mercury varieties are added in! Read More

no wto

WTO Plans to Strike Down American COOL Laws

By Margaret Elkis August 22, 2014
Leaked information has revealed yet again how the World Trade Organization (WTO) trumps over U.S. legislation that benefits American citizens Read More

Mexican Imports Threaten our Safety


Free Trade Deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are contaminating, hurting, and even killing Americans. Tainted fish and radioactive drywall are entering our borders and hurting our fellow Americans. What is worse is that the Food and Drug Administration is under funded and simply does not have the resources to inspect everything that comes through our borders. The latest news is Corona, the Mexican beer, has a national recall following the discovery of small particles of glass inside the beer. When is enough going to be enough?

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