Dark Money Infiltrating American Politics

By Margaret Elkis March 31, 2014
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The TPP Is Already Working Its Devastation

By Patrick Kellen April 23, 2014
We now see that the TPP is distorting the economy even before an attempt at passage! Barack Obama's attempt to foist it on us is the very height of irresponsibility. Read More »

Secession Ukraine Crimea

We Have No Business Fighting a War in Ukraine

By Daniel Mills April 23, 2014
We have no business fighting a war with Russia. Our leaders should be focused on restoring our economy and not on conflicts that are of no interest to us. Read More »

Trade Deficits Hurts U.S. Manufacturing and Overall Economy


It’s no secret the United States has alarming trade deficits with a number of countries, but with no country on Earth is our trade more unbalanced than with China. Back in 2013, our trade deficit with the Chinese was $318 billion. This is even more devastating when you take into account our debt owed to China, which is well over $1 trillion dollars.

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