“Free Trade” Will Decimate All of America Just Like It Has Detroit

By Daniel Mills April 17, 2014
With a population that has declined from two million to barely 700,000, Detroit is now the poster child for America’s deteriorating economy. Its streets are lined with rows of dilapidated structures, old apartments and long-abandoned factories and warehouses. Read More »


The News We Are Allowed to See and Hear Is Biased and Distorts Reality

By James Moreland April 17, 2014
In 1983 more than fifty different media companies shared the market in America. Since then, control has slowly been seized by six: Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp and CBS. If Comcast buys Time Warner, we will be left with five. Read More »


Too Many Americans Are Unemployed or Underemployed

By Patrick Kellen April 17, 2014
if we want to solve unemployment, we need to fix our trade deals. We must pursue fair trade instead of fraudulent "free trade" deals. And in order to institute policies of fair trade, we need to reclaim our democracy and reject the plutocracy that has taken root here. Read More »

Things Are Worse Than We Think


The dysfunction we’ve seen in Congress over the last several years, the worst of it in 2013, shows just how bad is the state of our country.  The work Congress is doing is not for the benefit of the American people. The solutions to fixing the economy are simple, but our government just isn’t interested. Instead, they merely kick the can down the road to future leaders. And unlike the past economic downturns America has been in, things are not turning around. The longer we wait, the harder it becomes to fix our problems.

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