Submission Guidelines

What Kind of Writers Are We Looking For?

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds: professional writers, professors, economists, lawyers, and current and former politicians. We hold knowledge, passion and firsthand experience above journalism qualifications and seek all writers who are well versed on the the subject matter and possess the ability to clearly convey their message.

What Kind of Articles Are We Looking For?

Economy In Crisis is an organization working to educate and engage broad constituencies by promoting the ideals of trade policy reform. We work with individuals, businesses, political leaders and other nonprofit networks to spread awareness of our economic condition. EIC is very open-minded regarding article submissions as long as the article pertains to America’s trade policies, globalization, U.S. politics, etc. In general EIC aims to make our readers more aware of the problems plaguing the U.S. and the viable solutions the U.S. needs to implement to reverse or correct our current conditions.

What Makes a Good Economy In Crisis Article?

EIC’s OpEd articles are different from newspaper articles in that our articles have more leeway in expressing individual thoughts and opinions. EIC looks for basic and thorough research to convey the writers stance on the subject matter. The writing style should be appropriate for the material and thoroughly express what the writer wants the reader to take away from the piece. Every article should leave the reader with a new insight or perspective on a given topic, as we do not run articles just to provide content. Articles featured on EIC need to be both relevant and thought provoking. Rather than asking the fundamental journalism questions of who, what, where, when, why and how, the most important question EIC readers look to address is “What does this mean for the U.S.?”

Getting Started and Other Specifics

The best way to get a feel for what we are seeking in our contributors is by reading our website.

When submitting an article include your name, email address and a brief bio at the top of the article. Please submit articles by e-mail to with the subject line: Article Submission. Most of our articles have a word count of 300 to 600 words. We do not normally publish submissions over 750 words.

We are unable to provide payment for submitted articles, however, our website provides exposure for your written work and a platform to convey your ideals to a large audience. You will retain ownership of the article you submit and your article will retain a Creative Commons No-Derivatives license. This license allows other websites to run your article provided the content remains unchanged and the work is accredited to you.

While we appreciate all of the submissions we receive, we are unable to feature them all on our site. If EIC decides to run your article, our editors will contact you via the email address you provide to alert you of the day your article will run. On the day your article runs, we will also send you a link to your work.

By submitting an article to EIC you are stating that your content is original, unpublished, or published elsewhere with a Creative Commons license. You are also agreeing not to sue EIC for the use of your content as we see fit. Please provide links to articles you cite or quotes you include within your article. We also hold the right to edit content for grammar and obtain the right to publish or delete your article from the site. Once published on the site you agree that there will be no retractions, however, we reserve the right to remove your article.

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