Wars We Cannot Win

We must end our unnecessary and misguided wars. We are bleeding into debt – to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars thus far in Iraq – and death – over 5,000 service men and women have died since the invasion of Iraq alone.

We are currently spending billions each month to carry on a futile war with no end in sight. The total estimated cost of the Iraq war is $3 trillion dollars – nearly a third of the entire debt the U.S. has accumulated in its entire history. When the war in Afghanistan is included the cost balloons to $5-$7 trillion.

In an Endless War

We are presently fighting an endless war with no exit strategy, far removed from our supply source. We must therefore quickly consider other options to stop the killing and self-destruction before the situation further deteriorates. If we had admitted the Vietnam War (which we lost) was a mistake (which many knew at the time was a mistake), we may have lost face but saved over 50,000 U.S. soldiers’ lives, approximately 1.5 million Vietnamese lives, billions of our own dollars, and prevented our disillusioned youth at the time from being alienated from the uncaring, inconsiderate, and unwise “establishment.”

If one makes a bad mistake, it is a bigger mistake not to admit it and find a practical way out.

Fighting Three Wars is a Mistake

Our great country may not be able to sustain three wars at the same time as we are dismantling much of our industry through outsourcing to foreign countries. Much of the things we desperately need we no longer make. We are presently creating external debt through our Balance of Trade Deficit at a rate of $723 billion a year (that’s 1.2 million dollars a minute!) with foreign sources to support our lifestyle and our military. Plus we have a yearly internal budget deficit of $413 Billion. We are over extending ourselves. We are spreading ourselves dangerously thin. We are becoming extremely vulnerable.

We are heading towards conditions that we don’t have the ways and means to cope with. If the present trends continue, war, debt, destruction and more lost lives, and a deteriorating manufacturing condition we many witness an America we can’t imagine.

Russia lost the war trying to fight the same enemy in Afghanistan we are now fighting in Iraq, and collapsed. We should not be above learning from others mistakes.

Unfortunately we are stuck in an almost impossible situation. To instantly pull out without a plan would invite a civil war, and a new dictator or al-Qaida will try to take over, or Iran will quickly try and fill the void.

We are continuing to alienate the youth from the establishment. The present cost, and future cost, of caring for wounded and crippled veterans is going to be astronomical, leaving little to invest in infrastructure here at home.

Our leaders must establish new priorities that include peace around the world and prosperity at home.

Other countries talk about globalization, but truly consider their country’s needs and well-being first.

We have been sidetracked with globalization. We must begin to concentrate on doing what is best for America first and foremost.

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