We Believe

The rapid deterioration of our economy is attributable to the wholesale liquidation of our best companies to foreign interests. The U.S. has sold more than 16,000 of our best companies in the last 30 years to these foreign interests. This trend erodes our ability to generate earnings, and tax revenues to sustain our current standard of living – resulting in our reliance on imports thus creating uncontrolled and escalating foreign debt.

Holding our debt our jobs and the production of our goods, foreign countries have ultimate leverage over our policies and our future. If we allow this to continue, it will cause our economy to take on a profile similar to a third world country in that we will no longer be providing for ourselves. This direction would ultimately head toward colonial status as America was in 1776; owned controlled and managed by foreign masters.

The American sellout is happening faster than ever as our companies are being taken over in a buying frenzy by foreign investors – like piranha consuming its weakened prey. Many of these companies have taken one hundred or more years to develop and were the source of our wealth, strength, and living standards; now overnight, gone. We should be concerned and even outraged that our government let this happen.

• So-called “free trade” systematically destroys our ability to produce products competitively

• Stronger regulations should be put in place restricting foreign purchasing of US companies

• Economic policy should be derived from facts and results not merely theories and blind faith

• As citizens and consumers we have the power to effect change

• We need grassroots support of our citizens regardless of political, social, or religious affiliations

• We need true political, corporate, and industry leadership and patriotism to preserve and foster the strength of this country, its citizens, and it industries

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